Want to honor a special person with a tribute?
(Minimum $25 Donation)

The following individuals have been honored by a friend or loved one with a donation to the AANR Education Foundation

  • In tribute to Bob Erlenmeyer – Bruce Rosander.
  • In memory of Leonite Moore – a straight shootin’, no nonsense gal whose authentic, spirited passion for nude recreation was contagious! – Nancy Tiemann.
  • In memory of Perky Kilbourn, past president of Hidden Springs non-landed nudist club and AANR life member.
  • In memory of my good friends, Bill Williamson and Amber Thomsen, two truly outstanding nudists — Sandy MacGregor.
  • In appreciation of all the young nudists that have attended the Youth Leadership Camps and Nude U program — Sandy MacGregor.
  • In memory of AANR Member Bob Newman, from Sandy and Jeannette Truxillo.
  • In memory of Charmaine Mak from Sandy and Jeannette Truxillo.
  • In memory of Charmaine Mak from Star Ranch.
  • In memory of Bill Williamson from Joe and Anita Panganiban.
  • Honoring 100 years of friendship with Beverly Price, from Jacob Flesher.
  • In memory of Bill Williamson for his many years of service to our region, from AANR Midwest.
  • In memory of Bill Williamson from Barry and Joanne Murphy.
  • In memory of Bill Williamson from, Fred and Lana Van Nest.
  • In memory of Bill Williamson, whose friendship we valued and will always cherish, from Bob and Julie Erlenmeyer.
  • In memory of Bill Williamson, from Carl Johnson.
  • In memory of Bill Williamson, a genuine — and unique — AANR treasure, from Bev and Theresa “T” Price.
  • To honor Lucy Heide for her years of selfless dedication in promoting the cause of nudism as President of AANR-SW.
  • Bill Williamson. In honor of his contribution to AANR and life long passion for nude recreation. – Nancy and Tom Tiemann.
  • In memory of Bill Williamson, from Gloria Waryas.
  • In memory of Amber Thomsen, from Carl Johnson and the staff at AANR-East youth camp.
  • In memory of Don and Elaine Courtney – friends, mentors, and #1 homemade ice cream makers! From Bev and T Price.
  • Hidden Springs remembers Bonnie Luce, ASA/AANR member since 1955, Hidden Springs life member, and AANR-Northwest Hall of
  • Fame Honoree.
  • In honor of Amber Thomsen, whose strength and sweetness supported nudism even while battling cancer, from Susan Weaver.
  • With thanks to Bob Smith upon his retirement for his outstanding work as General Manager of Avalon, from Susan Weaver.
  • In memory of Art Storch, whose service to ESA inspired many, from Susan Weaver.
  • With thanks to Gloria Waryas for her untiring dedication to AANR-East and nude recreation, from Susan Weaver.
  • To Jim Willard, the best partner this side of heaven. With love from Susan Weaver.
  • With thanks to Alix and Maddie Schuttauf for representing the future of nude recreation at the NCSL, from Susan Weaver.
  • In Memory of Marge Hill (1934-2010) from the Arizona Wildflowers.
  • Thank you LARC for a fantastic summer season! From Mike and Astrid King.
  • To my wife Cheryl, thank you. Love, Bruce.
  • Raye Sorensen, 1946 – 2003, AANR Trustee, Regional President, Foundation Director, and valued friend who died too soon, from Don & Nancy Sloan.
  • To the Queen of Shots — Georgie, from the Friday Night Gang.
  • In memory of David Dasler for his immeasurable dedication to Healthy Hides of Houston, AANR, and all of nudism, from J D.
  • Happy 80th Birthday, Horst. May you continue to have good health and prosperity, from everyone at Shangri La Ranch.
  • To Bev Price for her leadership, commitment and, dedication, from Gary and Brenda Spangler.
  • Marilou Aguirre, 1933 – 2003. Passionate advocate for nude recreation and AANR, as well as a mentor and a friend.
  • In Memory of Garry Rohrer (1937-2010) from the Arizona Wildflowers.
  • In Memory of Jerry and Eddie Shaw, nudist pioneers who taught her much about nudism, from Theresa “T” Price.
  • In 2010, Bob and Julie Erlenmeyer proudly celebrate 35 years of continuous membership in ASA/AANR.
  • In Memory of George A. Pastirchak (1944-2010) from the Arizona Wildflowers.
  • In Memory of Hans Hoeh, 2009.