Applying for a Gift or Grant

Grants and Gifts are given to individuals and organizations for projects that support one or more of the following goals:

  • Foster among the public a just and tolerant appreciation of the human person and body and all its aspects.
  • Foster recognition of the essential wholesomeness of the human body.
  • Encourage understanding that physical health and mental well-being are enriched by social nude recreation and living.
  • Promote the understanding and liberty that humankind may achieve by the practice of social nudism.
  • Promote research on the subject of social nudism.
  • Enhance opportunities for young nudists and other youth deemed appropriate, to further their formal education through grants and scholarships as stated in the Foundation’s Bylaws Article II.

Download the application, scan it and email it to GIFTSANDGRANTS@AANR-EF.COM (Preferred)

or download the application and mail it to

Gifts and Grants Committee
30404 S. Sunray Trail
Worley, ID 83876

Applying for a Scholarship

          The Scholarship and Grants Committee of the AANR-Educational Foundation has re-vamped the 2021 Scholarship award program to reflect the improving levels of applications received. A three (3) tier scholarship financial award process was implemented designed to reflect the quality of the applications received and reflect on the academic achievements of the applicants.

          Based on a detailed evaluation of the applications received, three awards of differing amounts were established.

          Top Tier                                  $1,500

          Second Tier                           $1,000

          Third Tier                                $500

Who may apply?

Students age 17 and older, who have AANR affiliation and/or experience are eligible to apply for scholarships to further their education.

Winners of AANR regional scholarships may also apply for an AANR Education Foundation scholarship.

Additional requirements.

  • Complete the application form.
  • Answer the 7 essay questions.
  • Obtain two (2) letters of recommendation.
  • Request an official school transcript to be sent.

Applications for the award year must be received by the Committee no later than May 1.

Download the application, scan it and email it to SCHOLARSHIPS@AANR-EF.COM (Preferred)

or mail it to:

AANR Education Foundation

Scholarship Committee
30404 S. Sunray Trail
Worley, ID 83876